We provide ESOP Consulting Services that assist privately-held business owners, their advisors, and the company’s key employees with basic education of the potential uses of an ESOP transaction for ownership transition. 


Our feasibility study will clearly present the various potential transaction structures and the impact each structure will have on the selling shareholder(s), key employees, the sponsoring company and the ESOP.


Some of the key questions that the feasibility study will address include: 


  • The estimated range of value that the ESOP can potentially pay for the company's stock under various capital structures
  • The impact each potential structure will have on the debt borrowing capacity and future cash flows of the company
  • The impact on the company's future employee benefit levels


Empire Valuations' ESOP professionals have many years of experience and critical knowledge of financial, valuation, ERISA compliance, tax law and banking required to assist business owners with a successful ESOP transaction. Our ESOP consultants have been involved in hundreds of successful ESOP transactions from small minority interest ESOPs to 100% S-Corporation ESOPs.

For more information, please contact:

Terry Griswold
Scott Brace
Chuck Coyne
Greg Sullivan