There are a number of situations in which the value of an intellectual property right or an intangibles asset is important, including gift and estate tax reporting, financial reporting, transfer pricing, taxation and transaction advisory purposes, to name a few. We have considerable experience valuing a wide variety of intellectual property rights and intangibles assets in different areas and for different purposes:


Arts & Entertainment

  •     Literary, film, music and artwork copyrights 
  •     Film and music libraries
  •     Residuals
  •     Profit participation rights
  •     Other royalty-based income streams


Business & Financial Reporting

  •     Patents 
  •     Trademarks and tradenames
  •     Earn-out and non-compete agreements
  •     Licensing, franchise and distribution agreements
  •     Customer lists
  •     Software
  •     Contacts
  •     In-process R&D
  •     and many more


The methodologies utilized to value these assets are often unique and can be complex, requiring the specific intellectual property and intangible asset valuation experience that we have a long history of delivery.

For more information, please contact any of our Directors for your intellectual property and intangible asset valuation needs